Fragpit Mod 1.1 Released - a whole bunch of features!

  • The flag return time adjusts well during pause now, regardless of what 'sv_fps' value server runs
  • Elements of the Vanilla HUD are more centered now, they were sometimes a bit off too much
  • If you're out of nades, you can now properly pick them up if server allows [fragpit_extraNades]
  • Backpack no longer picks up with full health, armor and ammo when you carry M4 but m203 is disabled (it was looking for it...)
  • Enemy names no longer show when you spectate a team mate
  • You can no longer capture the flag if timelimit is reached already
  • A whole new overhauled HUD is added [fragpit_hud 1]
  • When you are still alive, your own team's respawn time can show on your HUD if the server allows this with CVAR [fragpit_allowTeamRespawnTimer 0 | 1]
  • You can see the units per seconds you move (UPS) by enabling the speedometer [fragpit_drawSpeedometer 0 | 1]
  • You can draw a killfeed as part of hud on the upper right (fragpit_drawKillfeed, only in fragpit_hud 1)
  • Team scores and player statistics now persist over multiple rounds, until the number of max rounds set by the server is reached [fragpit_maxRounds]
  • You can enable subtle hit confirmation sounds with cg_hitSound 1 in case the server allows [fragpit_allowHitSounds 0 | 1];
  • You can play in third person mode [fragpit_thirdPerson 1] if the server allows it [fragpit_allowThird 1]
  • Plenty of resolutions are now available in menu, including widescreen
  • The server can now control the amount of nades you spawn with with a server CVAR instead of .wpn file [fragpit_nades], the maximum nades you can hold at the same time is controlled by the server with fragpit_extraNades CVAR
  • Fixed aspect ratio for the HUD is now seperated from the FOV adjustment. cg_fixedAspect 1 still fixes your HUD in widescreen, while cg_adjustedFov "1" readjusts your FOV for widescreen and "0" will keep it 'vanilla'
  • People who use /kill to catch the respawn cycle can now be punished with a few seconds of respawn delay by server settings (fragpit_selfkillPenalty 0-15)
  • A new gametype focusing on 2v2 / 3v3 gameplay is added: 'Bomb Blitz'. Both teams fight over a bomb that spawns in the middle of Jor1 (for now as pilot, 1 map). The blue team has to plant at the red flag, the red team at the blue flag. Once the team has planted the bomb, they get one point per second and a bonus for a total explosion. Meanwhile the opposing team can still defuse the bomb and take control of it to plant it at the other site themselves. Mayhem ensues.
  • Better detection of in-game scripting and macros.
  • You can also see the players alive in CTF on vanilla HUD in CTF, not only non-respawn gametypes anymore.
  • You can only spectate in first person when server CVAR g_forceFollow is set to 2
  • Allowed cl_timenudge again (cl_timenudge -20 - 20) -- it sucks balls though....
  • Re-ordered some Fragpit menu elements for better useability.
  • Moved MP5 'back' to secondary guns.