Soldier of Fortune 2 was released on 20 May 2002, almost 19 years ago. Some mods have come and gone. We are left with an OSP version that works pretty well, but doesn't really stack up in the competitive gaming world. This mod is built on what's worked well (OSP 1.0L) and aims to pull back years lost.

Ultimately we aim to create:

  • A more modernized SoF2
  • Improved competitive game play
  • More community interactivity
  • On-going support and development for bug fixes and improvements

First Version: Fragpit 1.0b

In our first version we introduce:

  • Widescreen support including re-calculated FOV and rescaled/realigned HUD
  • Old crosshairs are centered properly, some new ones are added
  • Flag Return Bug during a pause is fixed


Recommended Settings:

For widescreen users we recommend to set your native resolution with:
  • r_mode -1;
  • r_customwidth xxxx;
  • r_customheight xxxx;
  • cg_fixedAspect 1; (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!)

Detailed Explanation HUD/FOV and Widescreen

Some of the problems in SoF2 are that there never was any way to properly adjust the FOV or HUD for 16:9 aspect ratios or let's say other ratios than 4:3 or 5:4. In modern day with most monitors appearing in 16:9 this is problematic. Some patches / mods have identified as 'wide screen fixes'; yet they don't do a lot besides allowing you to use r_mode -1 with a custom width and height. However, while using these custom widths and heights HUD elements stretch, fonts in the HUD do not align anymore and most importantly, your FOV is not re-calculated on a widescreen's aspect ratio.

In SoF2's current game form, FOV calculation does not take 16:9 resolutions into account and thus you are missing out on a lot of horizontal and vertical information by default when playing with a 16:9 aspect ratio. An alternative some players have used is to play with a 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio and stretch the game screen with their graphic card drivers. This still allows you to reach the normal FOV of 100 you are used to from the past, yet you miss out on fully capitalizing on your screen's possibilities and proper display of the game. In this mod we have fixed the FOV calculation to enable better display on 16:9 aspect ratios and also realigned and rescaled HUD elements to be non-stretched and more compact. For some comparisons between the old SoF2 and this new mod's possibilities check out the screenshots below:

Figure 1: Regular SoF2; 1280*1024; cg_fov 100
This has a well-scaled HUD and the FOV is also the original 100. However, to display this resolution on a 16:9 monitor you will need to stretch the game horizontally (ugly).

Figure 2: Regular SoF2; r_mode -1; r_customwidth 1920; r_customheight 1080; cg_fov 100
You can see here how the game is actually zoomed in, while being on the same FOV as the picture above. Also the HUD elements look relatively stretched (check out radar for example) and fonts are misplaced.

Figure 3: Fragpit Mod SoF2; r_mode -1; r_customwidth 1920; r_customheight 1080; cg_fov 100
Plenty of more width compared to both regular SoF2 modes, plenty of more height compared to unmodded 1920*1080, but a little bit less height than 1280*1024. If you still want this little bit more of height you could up your cg_fov above 100. Yet you probably care more about the extra width you already gained.