- Bomb Blitz Night #2

Bomb Blitz Night #2

The bomb blitz gametype has two teams fight over a neutral bomb (spawns at hummer, unlocks for pick up after 30 seconds).

Both teams fight over the bomb and have to plant it near the enemy's base. 

  • Timelimit: 10
  • 2 vs. 2
  • Each second the bomb is planted, gets your team a point
  • If the bomb explodes (takes 30 seconds) it gives a 30 point bonus and the bomb respawns in the middle.
  • If the bomb is not picked up for 30 seconds after it's dropped, it will respawn
  • Bomb has to explode or be defused if it's planted when the timelimit hits
  • Bomb can be thrown with dropitem key --> 'bind x dropitem'
  • Bomb is planted/defused with the use key --> 'bind x +use' 
  • Respawn interval: 3 seconds